Top Christian Songs Chinese

2020 Chinese Gospel Song | “God’s Glory Shines From the East”

Christian Music Video | “Give Your Heart Before God If You Believe in Him” | Chinese Christian Song

“A Choice Without Regret” | 2020 Chinese Christian Song

“God’s Only Wish on Earth” | 2020 Chinese Christian Song

“Offering the Most Precious Sacrifice to God” | Chinese Christian Song

“You Should Forsake All for the Truth” | 2020 Chinese Christian Song

2020 Christian Music Video | “It’s Almighty God Who Saves Us”

2020 Christian Music Video | “I Wish to Seek to Love God” | Praise Song

“I Wish I Was With God Every Day” | 2020 Chinese Christian Song

“Man Must Worship God for a Good Destiny” | 2020 Chinese Gospel Song

“Fill Your Life With God’s Word” | 2020 Chinese Christian Song

“God’s Judgment on All Nations and Peoples” | 2020 Chinese Christian Song

“God Quietly Arrives Among Us” | Chinese Christian Song

“Oh God! I Truly Don’t Deserve Your Love” | Chinese Christian Song

O Lord, I Praise You :: Christian Song from Chinese House Church (English)

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (Chinese Version) (Official Lyrics Video) – JPCC Worship

Joshua band-十字架上-約書亞樂團 Chinese Worship Songs

仰望 (Behold) | 新造敬拜 (New Creation Worship)

【能不能 Let Me Stay】現場敬拜MV (Live Worship MV) – 讚美之泉敬拜讚美 (20)

Children’s Praise and Worship – Shout For Joy – Chinese Gospel

除你以外 (chinese christian song with lyrics)

詩 篇 131 (Psalm 131) 圣 经 诗 歌 Chinese Christian Scripture Song (Ing-Sing Wong)

Chinese Christian songs – In my deep heart(在我心灵深处)

Chinese Christian songs- Lord is great( 他本为大)

Chinese Christian songs -Lord, what I am(主啊我算什么)

Chinese Christian songs -China’s five o’clock in the morning (中国的早晨五点钟)

Top Chinese Christian songs -Foot -脚步(流畅).flv

感谢天父Thank You Father (Chinese Christian song with lyrics)

为我异象 Be Thou My Vision(Chinese Christian song with lyrics)

单单爱你 I Love You, Lord (Chinese Christian Song with lyrics)

耶和华祝福满满 (Hokkien Christian Song with lyrics)

最美的礼物Jesus Is The Best Gift (Chinese Christian song with lyrics)

倚靠Chinese Christian Song with lyrics

恩典之路Chinese Christian song with lyrics

歌颂 Chinese Christian song with lyrics

使命 Chinese christian song with lyrics